About Me

I’m a Midwesterner presently living in the South, with a faculty position in one of the most diverse and liberal Philosophy departments in the country. My area of specialty is modern Hinduism, although I have substantial background in Islam as well. I am interested in nationalism, globalization, secularism, human rights/ social justice issues, and technology. Lately, my research has focused on religion and popular culture.

I am (as my students would say) a “huge nerd,” devouring dystopic, speculative, and science fiction on a regular basis. I especially love scifi that explores religious, ethical, or philosophical themes and frequently use films/TV to illustrate concepts in classes.

In addition or Introduction to World religions, my topics courses include: Religion & Media; Mystical, Magical, and Ecstatic Religions; Religion & the Body; Hindu Traditions; Religion & Science Fiction; Thinking Through Religion; Religion & Human Rights; Islam in the Modern World; Sacred Images, Sacred Spaces.

My CV can be found here.
Here’s a piece Georgia College did on me in 2019.