About Me

I’m a Midwesterner presently living in the South, with a faculty position in one of the most diverse and liberal Philosophy departments in the country. My area of specialty is modern Hinduism, although I have substantial background in Islam as well. I am interested in nationalism, globalization, secularism, human rights/ social justice issues, and technology. Religion and media is a field in which I am doing my current research.

I am (as my students would say!) a “huge nerd,” devouring dystopic, speculative, and science fiction on a regular basis. I especially love work that draws from religious or theological areas, and have very recently discovered comics/graphic novels as a great vehicle for these topics. I enjoy writing and have a few unfinished novels laying around myself. I also enjoy art and anything crafty (my first degree was an art degree).

I travel when I can afford it, compulsively bake, and am constantly researching new ideas and articles because it seems like there is always something I still need to learn.

My CV can be found here.
Here’s a piece Georgia College did on me in 2019.