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Assistant Professor of Religion, Georgia College

Dr. Juli L. Gittinger

I am an Assistant Professor at a public university, with a PhD and two MAs in Indian Religions.

I have extensive copy editing and writing experience, and have published two manuscripts (2018, 2019) as well as co-edite a multi-author volume (2020). I have also worked as a book review editor, copy edited, and indexed for various faculty publications.

I also write ficiton, and can give feedback and editing suggestions on creative works. I am presently a co-editor for an online journal that publishes creative works by academics.

My fields of publishing are religion, philosophy, digital media, and human rights, but I feel comfortable reading and working on any of the humanities fields including English, Literature, Sociology, History, Political Science, and Art.

My full CV can be found here.

Services offered $35 p/hr

Proofreading, Copy editing

Formatting, Citations


Editing and feedback

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